Individual step optimization

Minimizing costs maximizing productivity

Through the judicious combination of expert insight and the investigation of multiple conditions in parallel we can move very fast to get the best performance out of any process.

Features and benefits

Optimizing a step employs 1-2 synthetic chemists plus analytical support. All studies are conducted within a smooth and well-coordinated workflow:


Overall step efficiency (yield, selectivity, volume-time productivity, cost of raw materials).

Identification of critical parameters & optimization (broad screening followed by fine-tuning of reaction parameters).

Optimization or work-up; isolation & purification (elimination of chromatography).

Robustness assessment, in process configured reactors.

Preliminary safety studies (thermal hazard evaluation of product intermediates/reaction mixtures & prediction of large-scale effects).


Synthesis of representative batches.

Biweekly reporting.

Final Report.

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