Process research & route scouting

Synthesis lock

We evaluates several routes simultaneously to rapidly find the best and eliminate the rest.Testing the feasibility of novel routes and the parallel screening of conditions for key reactions requires of the order 1 to 3 months.To achieve this productivity consistently we have established a robust work-system, combining the use of internally developed screening platforms with a wide range of capabilities. Key analytical tools deliver essential information rapidly to the synthetic chemists.

In this critical process research stage, any new concerns or potential problems will be identified, addressed and fully reported.

Features and benefits

Within 1 to 3 months a team of 2/3 chemists with analytical support will scout 2 to 5 routes in parallel. Studies are performed within a smooth and well-coordinated workflow:


Route design.

Likelihood of success evaluation.

Cost evaluation.

Environmental impact evaluation.

Raw material availability assessment.

Industrial constraint identification.

Intellectual property consideration.

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